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Korean Healthy Fresh Kitchen


Bibigo, a global Korean food brand, is a easy-to-pronounce Korean-English portmanteau from Korean   ‘bibida’, and English, ‘to-go’. It is easy to pronounce, even for foreigners and is a global Korean food brand. In Bibigo restaurants, friends, families and colleagues can enjoy healthy Korean cuisine that lifts their spirits.

Healthy & Fresh

Bibigo provides four sauces, six toppings, and four steamed rice choices to choose from, creating a tasty salad type Bibimbap with fresh vegetables under 쁇ealthy and Fresh Concept/theme.Premium main courses, side dishes and hot stone dishes may be quickly delivered door-to-door, providing healthy Korean dishes for busy modern people.

Bibigo in the world

Bibigo is a Korean food brand of CJ, the No.1 food and lifestyle company of Korea.  Bibimbap is made to global tastes with four types of rice, six toppings.  As such, Bibigo is spreading the intrinsic and taste of Korean cuisine widely known.We have reinterpreted Korean cuisine for modern tastes and Our goal is to open 1,000 restaurants in 20 countries worldwide by 2017, following those already in the United Kingdom, United States, China and Japan.