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Table of Country of Origin

Table of Country of Origin
Category Menu Country of Origin
Beef Char-grilled Bulgogi Topping (30g) Australia
Bulgogi Kimbap (Char-grilled Bulgogi Topping)
Char-grilled Bulgogi(350g)
Bulgogi Rice Ball
Jangjorim (Beef boiled in soy-sauce) Bibimbap Served in Hot-stone bowl
Jangjorim (Beef boiled in soy-sauce) (Side dish)
Spicy Beef Soup (Bansang)
Spicy Chicken Stew (Beef leg bone broth)
Court Style Rice Cakes
Braised Short Ribs (600g) South Korea
Bamboo Shoot Ddeokgalbi Australian beef mixed with Korean beef fat
Ddeokgalbi Bansang
Chadolbaki (Fatty meat from the brisket of beef) (Chadolbaki Bean Paste Stew, Chadolbaki Bean Paste Stew Bansang) U.S.A
Pork Grilled Spicy Pork Topping(40g) Mixed: South Korea and Chile
Charcoal Pork Topping(40g)
Charcoal Pork Rice Bowl
Squid & Pork Bulgogi Chile
Tofu & Kimchi
Suyuk (Boiled Pork)
Salad Noodle Bansang (Grilled Spicy Pork)
Chicken Chicken Breast Topping South Korea
Bibigo Salad
Salad Noodle (Bansang)
Chicken Kimchi Fried Rice (Bansang)
Spicy Chicken Stew
Chicken Teriyaki Topping Brazil
Chicken Teriyaki Rice Bowl
Red Chicken
White Chicken
Rice and Kimchi(Cabbage, Red Pepper Powder) are from South Korea.
[Incheon Square One/ Seoul University/ Korea University/ Samsung Town/ Yeoeuido/ Gangnam Station
Chicken Kimchi Fried Rice - Kimchi: Cabbage(South Korea), Red Pepper Powder(China)]