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Earn a cash back bonus award up to 5% of your entire order (0.5% when paying with listed credit cards).If you visit more than three brands by CJ within a month, we will reward you with 20% extra mileage points of your entire mileage pool. If you have accumulated more than 1,000 mileage points, you may redeem them at Bibigo, 10 mileage points at a time.

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Benefits of CJ ONE card

CJ ONE Benefits

We issue CJ ONE cards in shops of CJ ONE partnership brands.

  1. You may have a CJ ONE card issued upon purchase of over KRW 1,000 at Tous les Jous, Twosome Place and Cold Stone.
  2. Register your card issued at a shop by becoming a member on the CJ ONE Web site!
  3. You may not use mileage points of unregistered cards on the Web site.

Information on shops issuing CJ ONE cards

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