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CJ Bibigo promotes Korean food at Hallyu convention KCON
CJ Bibigo promotes Korean food at Hallyu convention
- Korean food promotion activities held at the site of KCON 2014, the largest Hallyu convention in North America
- Bibimbap cooking class and product experience program operated to help people become more familiar with Korean food

Bibigo, CJs global Korean food brand, promoted Korean food at KCON 2014, the largest Hallyu (Korean Wave) cultural convention in North America, held in the L.A. Memorial Sports Arena on August 9-10. Bibigo showed Korean foods that use Bibigo products by running a promotion booth and food truck at the KCON 2014 site.

Most of the 40,000 people who came to the performance hall during the event visited the Bibigo booth. Bibigo introduced the traditional Korean arrow-throwing game 쏷uho and offered various free gifts related to the Bibigo brand through the game for men and women of all ages to enjoy. Taking a step forward from promoting Korean food, the gift event was held to deliver the message that 쏝ibigo equals Korean food more easily and intimately. The food truck sold Bibimbap (mixed rice) with Bulgogi (grilled marinated beef), Dakgangjeong (sweet and sour chicken), and deep-fried mini dumplings, which were made with the Bobigo dumplings that are popular sellers in the U.S. market. The prepared foods for about 1,000 people received a great response, and were sold out.
CJ Bibigo promotes Korean food at Hallyu convention KCON 씠誘몄2
Bibigo held a Bibimbap cooking class, which was conducted with Bibigo products, as well as an event displaying products so people could experience the processed foods of Bibigo that are currently being sold in the U.S. Bibigo also held an event to promote Korean food ingredients that are not just the completed form of Korean foods through this cooking class. It offered Bibigo red pepper paste to about 200 cooking class participants and about 1,000 visitors, and introduced various recipes such as for Bibimbap and Dakgangjeong that use red pepper paste to emphasize that Korean food is a well-being food made with healthy ingredients, not just a foreign food. Bibigo also presented Bibigo red pepper paste to Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti, who visited the event hall, explaining to him that the ingredient was used a lot in Korean food.
CJ Bibigo promotes Korean food at Hallyu convention KCON 씠誘몄3
Meanwhile, Bibigo is putting forward a Korean food diffusion strategy through the synergy effect of eating out and eating at home to make inroads in the U.S. market. It is making a virtuous circle where the opportunity for American people to experience Korean food is increased through the Bibigo restaurant chain, which has three stores in areas near L.A. Consumers who have a positive image of Korean food purchase Bibigo processed food to ultimately enjoy Korean food in their homes. In the U.S., Bibigo brand processed foods such as dumplings, marinades, and sauces are sold through major distribution networks, including Costco, the largest American retail mart. Bibigo dumplings, in particular, have firmly become a main product and surpassed Korean dumpling sales last year. It is expected to achieve 100 billion won in sales in the U.S. alone. After the dumplings, Bibigo is planning to launch new products that have already been proven in Korean market such as Tteok-galbi (grilled short rib patties) and Korean-style meatballs.

쏷his KCON event was an opportunity to confirm that the synergy effect of Hallyu and 쁊-Food in pop culture was ever increasing, and Bibigo will continue to spread various activities that can promote the excellence of Korean food all over the world as the Korean representative global Korean food brand, said Vice President Rho Hee-young, marketing team manager of CJ CheilJedang.